The flood is merciless Huaqiang Love -- Jilin Jihua Huaqiang Construction Co., Ltd. came to the rescue of Shulan City

来源:   时间: 2023-08-11 14:55
  August 4th at 1:30 a.m,Jilin Jihua Huaqiang Construction Co., Ltd. received the rescue and disaster relief instructions,Emergency deployment of 1 command vehicle, 3 management vehicles, 5 forklifts, 2 hookers and 7 flatbed vehicles,A rescue and rescue commando consisting of 24 staff members was set up in the Party branch as a unit,Overnight to Shulan city to rescue。
  From August 4 to 9, the commandos traveled more than 300 kilometers a day, traveling to and from the three operation areas, entering the operation site at 5:30 in the morning, and returning to the temporary residence was already late at night, and the operation lasted more than 17 hours a day。The operation site was once cut off from water and power, the narrow road conditions were unknown, and heavy rain brought a lot of difficulties to the front-line rescue work。Regardless of the danger, all the commandos organized their work scientifically with indomitable willpower and action power, and worked hard to rescue and repair the danger。
  Rescue commandos in Shulan City Kaiyuan town Qingpine forest farm, Yongsheng Forest farm, Qingsongbao, four di village, Yangjia village, Nanxiao Township bridge,029Many villages, Bridges and roads, such as township roads, rescue and transport trapped people600Yu people, desilting510,000 square meters, rush to repair roads, Bridges20More than kilometers, loading and unloading of earth and rock700Multiple vehicles, collapsed sections, slope filling mountain stone10000Residual cubic meter。(Source: Non-public Party Working Committee of High-tech Zone, Huaqiang Company;Photos:Huaqiang Company